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As a company culture, it has embraced continuous innovation, continuous development in the sector, keeping front of its stakeholders and customers’ wishes, being sensitive to the environment, being consistent in every field and being honest, honest, reliable, hard working and searching. The policy of the client and the employee and the policies of continuous development apply. GÜVEN OTOMOTIV SAN TIC LTD ŞTİ has made the main task of contributing to the Turkish and world economy by developing, introducing and promoting the environment that it conducts with its new investments. Our Vision In all fields it has focused on, it has aimed to be a pioneer in technology, knowledge and market leadership, realizing it within ethical, traditional and legal boundaries with awareness of its social responsibilities, and creating a new environment of values through a priori perfectionist approach. To achieve this goal, it is aware of the necessity to be a corporation and culture society that markets information and technology, which also markets intellectual capital to the world.

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