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Automotive Lighting
TUNGSRAM has played a leading role in automotive lighting for many years. TUNGSRAM Lighting has one of the widest range of automotive lamps available. We offer a range of vehicle lamps that work on 12V or 24V systems. TUNGSRAM Lighting is on the checklist of most car manufacturers around the world where quality and performance are key measurements. Hence, the TUNGSRAM Automotive product range is sold all over the world for original equipment use and after-sale use. The company is certified according to ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14000 series.

Premium Lamp Upgrade Solutions for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

In addition to the basic automobile range, TUNGSRAM automotive offers a first-class product range based on special lamp designs. The premium product range includes: Extra Life, Megalight Plus, Megalight Ultra +90, Megalight Ultra +120, Megalight Ultra +130, Sportlight Ultra, Sportlight, Heavy Star. Premium lamps have additional advantages in terms of life, brightness, color or vibration resistance. Prime lamps are also marked E1 and Turkey makes it possible to use the roads.

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